About Us

At CLEAR Chiropractic, we are committed to delivering an exceptional chiropractic experience that facilitates healing and individual expression of life and wellness.

We thrive to foster a culture that empowers and encourages our team to new levels of personal and professional fulfillment.

Through our wellness education and community programs we are dedicated to leading our community to be a better place to live, work, and play.

“We used to think that if we felt good, we were healthy. We used to think that if we felt bad, we were sick. We now know that health is not about how you feel but how you function. Your nervous system controls every human function. Your Health and Well-Being is about keeping your nervous system CLEAR of interference.”

– CLEAR Chiropractic

Dr. Dana Cavell Clum

Dr. Dana Cavell Clum is a 1995 graduate of New York University, where she majored in communications and marketing. She attended Sherman College of Chiropractic in Spartanburg, South Carolina and graduated with her degree as Doctor of Chiropractic in 1999. Along with her husband Dr. Don Clum and new baby, Dr. Dana moved to Costa Rica in 2000 to work directly with the Olympic Committee to improve the health and performance of the elite athletes of Costa Rica. She was a regular guest on National Television and radio shows, and a sought after speaker at schools, universities, large and small businesses and government agencies. She also became an influential speaker at pregnancy classes, and is very passionate about helping pregnant women achieve a healthier and safer pregnancy and childbirth.

After 8 years in Costa Rica, Dr. Dana traveled with her family to Castilla La Mancha, Spain, where she practiced (part-time after having baby #3) and did wellness consulting for 2 years. Dr. Dana returned to the States, with her family to practice in 2010 where she and Dr. Don owned and ran Abundant Health Family Wellness and Chiropractic in Patchogue, NY, a comprehensive wellness center with a special focus on specific family chiropractic care, as well as individualized wellness programs that include whole food nutrition and functional exercise to address weight loss, obesity, metabolic and autoimmune disorders. Recognizing the fact that everyone is different, she is able to deliver very individualized and effective care for each patient. Fluent in both English and Spanish, Dr. Dana is able to attend to both the English and Spanish speaking members in our community, and is available to deliver lectures and classes in both languages.

Heather Juzeler, LMP

Heather Graduated from WWU in 1997 with a degree in Social Work. Not long after, she discovered massage as the perfect avenue to work with others in a positive and healing way.  She graduated from Brenneke School of Massage in 2000 and has been practicing since.

Her style of massage is a mixture of Swedish and more specific work, including Deep Tissue and Myofascial Release.  She believes that trauma, stress and emotion can and will manifest themselves in the body and that all areas must be addressed for true healing.

Heather has lived in the Pacific Northwest her whole life. She spends her free time playing with her amazing husband of 14 years and their 3 wonderful kids.

Breanne Thompson, LMP

Breanne was born and raised in Western Washington, but recently moved to the Kirkland area from Miami, FL where her husband is from. She has been practicing massage in both Washington and Florida since 2005. Specializing in deep tissue and clinical massage, Breanne strives to help her patients find improved range of motion and function in their daily activities.

Breanne also has a master’s in Mind-Body Medicine. With knowledge in techniques such as meditation, guided imagery, visualization, and biofeedback, she incorporates advice and guidance for stress reduction into her massages. She believes that opening the body to increased flexibility and motion as well as calming and quieting the mind can be an effective healing method for the body.

In her free time, she enjoys hiking with her dog, road trips and breweries with her husband, as well as studying acupuncture and oriental medicine at Bastyr University.

Graham Bennett, Clinical Assistant

Graham grew up in Northern California before moving up to the Pacific Northwest for school and has been here ever since. He studied biochemistry at The University of Washington and has always known he wanted to pursue a career helping people.

Prior to working with Clear Chiropractic, he worked in emergency medicine, educating the community on life saving techniques, and has helped start a non-profit organization recognizing individuals’ selfless acts. He hopes to continue pursuing a career in health care and is excited to learn more about what the field of chiropractic has to offer.

In his free time Graham coaches little league in the Seattle area and does his best not to lose too many balls on the golf course.

Angela Kurtz, Business Manager

Angela was born and raised in Seattle, but lived on the Aleutian Islands in the Dutch Harbor for about 6 years as a child. After spending 10 years in retail management for Starbucks Coffee, Angela decided to leave the coffee world to get involved with chiropractic and helping people on their journey back to health. For the past six years, Angela has been the business manager of all three Clear Chiropractic locations, as well as the insurance biller for the Kirkland office.


In her spare time, Angela is all about her family. She enjoys spending as much time as she can with her husband and 3 ½ year old, and is a big fan of boating and gardening.

Teresa Meyer, Chiropractic Assistant

Teresa was born in Sandpoint, Idaho, but moved to Seattle when she was 15 years old and has lived here ever since. In October of 2012, Angela, the business manager of Clear Chiropractic whose husband grew up with Teresa’s husband, got Teresa an interview with Clear Chiropractic. Teresa has always been very interested in researching and exploring natural and alternative medicine, so this job was the perfect fit. Teresa thoroughly enjoys working with the passionate and supportive team at Clear Chiropractic and loves seeing people’s results from chiropractic care…including her own family.

Teresa is married to her highschool sweetheart, and when she’s not in the office she is spending time with her husband and their two young daughters or being active outdoors.